Discontinued and Hard to Find Styles
The style for which you were searching is no longer available. We do have some possible suggestions which may almost be an exact match or may be a new style replacing the discontinued style.
Manufacturer/Style Felina 6301
Product Name Bare Essentials Demi Contour Bra
Current Status This bra has been discontinued by the manufacturer
Comments Three options to this bra are the Natori 732080, Natori 132025 and Calvin Klein F2892; Please reference these bras below.
Alternative Styles
Natori 732080 Pure Luxe Contour T-Shirt Bra $72 Natori 132025 Understated Contour T-Shirt Bra $$42.99-$64.00 Calvin Klein F2892 Seductive Comfort Customized Push-Up Bra $29.99-$44.00